Dick Crush

Dick Crush's Contact Details
Phone: 03 477 9844
Fax: 03 474 0922
Dick Crush B.A.,LL.B.
Dick is a graduate of the University of Otago, having completed degrees in both law and arts. He has enjoyed exposure to the top end of New Zealand commerce as a director of Air New Zealand in the 1980's. On the political front, he has previously been contracted to a Ministerial office in the Beehive and enjoys a good understanding of administration at that level. During a term as State Solicitor for Western Samoa, Dick obtained experience advising the Western Samoan Cabinet on a range of legal issues including the management of international treaties, supervision of government departments, drafting of legislation and general issues of State liability. Dick has also lectured in Business Law in the Faculty of Accounting and Business Law at the University of Otago. With a career spanning some thirty years, Dick has obtained extensive commercial expertise and litigation experience through to Court of Appeal level.

His areas of practice are commercial and rural property, business and commercial transactions, trust and estate planning. Dick's special interest and experience is in joint venture and advising overseas clients intending to do business in New Zealand.